Al Furqan Islamic Da’wah Association (FIDA) is a registered Charity (Charity Reg. No 1138704). Our objectives are to promote Quran and Sunnah based on the understanding of the Sahabah(authentic Hadith) to Muslims and Non-Muslims and increase awareness of Islam in the Community. It’s important, particularly in this current political climate; that we promote the correct message to other Muslims and to non-Muslims.

Masjid FIDA is well managed by trustees and a committee of dedicated professionals on behalf of the Al Furqan Islamic Da’wah Association charitable trust. They have a vision of a multi-functional centre which meets the many needs of its local community in addition to its spiritual ones. The Association also engages with local agencies and promotes a very positive image of Islam. Visitors are always impressed and there are regular Islamic sessions for the non Muslim community too, with numerous attendees commenting that it was unlike any other Islamic Centre they had previously visited.

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Al Furqan Islamic Da’wah Association (FIDA) aims to promote a true message of Islam (Quran and Sunnah) and unite Muslims in Leicestershire as well as to build sound relationships with all communities.

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