“Whoever builds a HOUSE for Allah, Allah will build for him a HOUSE in Paradise.”

Building a Masjid is one of the few opportunities to spend for the sake of Allah (SWT) without reservation. We are not simply building a masjid; we are creating a way of life. The Muslim community in Leicestershire has had many challenges, but few of them focus on how we decide to organize, live, and learn for our future in the United Kingdom. The challenge is to bravely envision a future for ourselves and our children where we can live as confident Muslims and maintain the strength of our family relations according to the Quran and Sunnah. Donate your time and money for the sake of Allah (SWT) to build a vibrant and purposeful spiritual community. Provide the answer to many souls that are thirsting for guidance and knowledge.

Financial Goals: Immediate Goal
Raise £300,000.00 for demolition and new building construction.

Financial Commitment
Pay off the £60,000.00 qard-e-hassan loan ASAP.