Programs and Activities

Masjid FIDA is committed in providing a service to the community in accordance to the teachings and strict adherence to the Quran and authentic Sunnah.

Masid FIDA strives to serve the community at large and we aim to make Masjid FIDA the focal point within our community. We go beyond the traditional Masaajid that merely offer salat as we have a dedicated team of workers who are involved in

  • Delivering Regular Weekly Lectures
  • Providing Facilities for Sisters - Workshops - Classes
  • Evening Madrassah
  • Support for New Muslims
  • Youth Work Services - Mentoring - Tuition - Activities
  • Dedicated Da’wah Team
  • Outreach Community Cohesion (Da’wah)
  • Islamic Q&A Sessions
  • Funeral Services in conjunction with MBCoL
  • Charity Appeals

Masjid FIDA is part of these important events and also volunteer to help guide and ensure safety of all the attendees including the support for the success for the events.

In addition to functioning as a masjid, Masjid FIDA has made a positive difference to other people in need, mainly countries who were and still are in dire need of financial support. FIDA collected donations and sadaqas within the mosque and among the members also including door to door collections. We have helped by donating money to aid those in Syria, Gaza and Burma crisis, Dharga Town (Sri Lanka) riots as well as the Tamil Nadu Floods (India). Not only does our community spirit reside within Leicester but it spreads all over the world also.

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